Places To Visit In Kurseong

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Kurseong, located about 30 km from Darjeeling, is for travellers who are looking to get away from the chaos of typical hill stations. With tea gardens as the region's landscape, Kurseong is as charming as it is lively and a perfect weekend destination if you are in West Bengal. There are a number of spots here that promise you an overwhelming view of the enveloping mountains – the most significant being the clear views of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Like any other hill station, Kurseong has its share of lovely touristy spots including Dow Hill, Eagle Craig and various tea estates including Makaibari Tea Estate (which is said to be the oldest tea estate in the region). If you are looking to explore the town completely, it's best to get in touch with some locals and discover hidden gems including trekking sites and birdwatching spots.

Eagle`s Crag

The popular tourist viewpoint of Eagle's Craig is a short walk’s distance from Kurseong Railway Station seemingly perched on a cliff. One can have a sweeping view of the surrounding mountain, hills, hamlets and slopes from here. It has a cafeteria, a watch tower and a flower garden.This place also houses the water reservoir for the entire town of Kurseong. The place also has a concrete altar built in the park with a khukri on top called ‘ShahidSmarak’. The panoramic view from this point is breath taking.You will get a magnificent view of Mt.Kanchandzonag and its ranges


Highly recommended as one of the places to visit in Kurseong and ideal to be visited during both sunrise and sunset, the Eagle's Crag View Point offers breathtaking panoramic views of the valley. Overlooking the entire Siliguri plains, one can click excellent photos of the Kanchenjunga from this viewpoint. Visitors can either trek up the winding path or hire a taxi to the top. The view of the rising sun behind the mighty Kanchenjunga is a sight to behold.

Toy Train Station


There are a total of three DHR museums, the other two in Darjeeling and Sukna. These museums house rare pictures, sketches, miniature structures of trains and also have regular toy train rides to nearby places with a great scenic journey.

Dow Hill

Kurseong is spread over several hills and the word Kurseong comes from the Lepcha word “Kharsang” means the land of white Orchids. Kurseong is adorned with rolling hill slopes, crammed with tea plantations, and green hills, speckled closely with conifer forests, among other splendours. Since Kurseong has many places to visit like Eagle’s Crag, St. Mary’s Hill, Makaibari Tea Estate a d among viewpoints, tea estates, churches, museums and historic school Dow Hill is one of the must-visit places.


At the foot of Dow Hill are the Dow Hill Girls’ School with its majestic colonial facade and Victoria Boys’ School. A little away is the West Bengal Forest School Museum, the Forest School and the Hostel. The Central Water Reservoir at Durpin, which is a source used by the Kurseong Municipality to manage the potable water resources is also very close. A vast portion of the Dow hill is so covered with dense forest and towering pine trees, and remains eternally covered with mist, that some locals used to frighten with incidences ranging from leopards targeting the sheep and goats to paranormal mysteries. The trail between the Dow Hill and the hilltop is one of the most beautiful trails, many visitors trek up to the top of the Kurseong hill passing through the shadows of the towering pine trees. It’s quite unlikely to spot any ghost or even a leopard, but definitely the experiences will no wonder have a mystic effect.

Tiger Hill Sunrise Observatory

This vista point of Tiger Hill is a pristine natural beauty where you can enjoy the virgin charm of Darjeeling in its most captivating form. At sunrise, the peaks of Kanchenjunga are lit up before the sunlight is seen anywhere else in the city, which is an amazing thing to experience. Another notable point of admiration here is the natural beauty of Tiger Hill, which is covered in mild verdant foliage paired with sublime clouds in the background. The fresh morning air as you make your way to the summit is a refreshing experience away from the banter of city life.


The Hill has an enormous height of 8,482 feet and looks delightful during the sunset and sunrise. Each day, countless tourists can be spotted visiting this amazing mountain range in Darjeeling. It is known for its mesmerizing beauty. During the sunrise, as the first ray of the sun falls on it, the white peaks illuminate. Similarly, the colour of the white peaks’ changes to peach during the sunset. People can also witness the striking panoramic view of Mt. Everest as well. From Tiger Hill, Mount Everest (8848m) is just visible. Makalu (8481m) looks higher than Mt. Everest, owing to the curvature of the Earth, as it is several miles closer than Everest.

Gidda pahar view point

Giddapahar view point is 4 kilometers from Kurseong, provides a great view of the mountains and is a great place for clicking photographs. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga which is carved out of rock called the Giddapahar Seti Mata Temple. Literally, Giddapahar means “Eagle’s hill” but is often thought of as “Eagle’s Cliff”.


Giddapahar is one of the other hills in Kurseong. It takes about 15 minutes by car from Kurseong town on Hill Cart Road towards Siliguri. The view point is accessible by stairway right from the roadside. You will need to enter through a gate and then climb the stairs. On a clear day, one can have a good view of valleys and snow peaks including Mount Khangchendzonga. If you look towards the Hill Cart Road below, you can see the road winding down side by side with the toy train track. Giddapahar view point opens daily during the day time and there is no entry fee. One can park the car by the road side. It is a great place for clicking pictures.